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The score is 1:1. It always was. No 0 is this game. At the end both will win. You and me!
Why? Because we are talking about your portfolio, your artwork and your editorial work. Or perhaps about Awards and Charity.
That's fair!


What people like you think is what you can read here:

"He always comes around with another idea, I really love that."

[Frank Schemmann, Düsseldorf]

"Toms creativity and years of experience are invaluable to my way of working."

[Robert Eikelpoth, Düsseldorf]

„I don't know a single retouch artist out there who is better at retouching analogue photography or giving digital files a beautiful analogue look and feel. Be it color or black and white.“

[Simon Puschmann, Hamburg]

"I am happy that Tom persuaded me to work together on a personal project – which lead to the next and the next and so on. He refined all those works with great sensitivity and I hope for many more to come. It is a great pleasure to work with him.“ 

[Christopher Thomas, Munich]

"It's not always easy to handle him but you can be sure to achieve fantastic unique artwork with him.“     

[Andreas Hempel, Düsseldorf]

"The less briefing you provide – the nicer are the final results.
Tom's grading and color schemes are always the icing on my cake !" 

[Steffen Jahn, Stuttgart]


"Working with Tom is extraordinarily great! I really appreaciate his open mind, his creativity and critical look!
And because I wouldn’t want to miss a single good thing to say about him: to work with Tom I even drive to Düsseldorf!" 

[Erik Chmil, Cologne]


And the end result is what you see here »